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"RisohEditor" is a free resource editor for Win32 development, created by Katayama Hirofumi MZ. RisohEditor realized the ideal of resource editor. "Risoh" means "ideal" in Japanese.


RisohEditor can add, edit, extract, clone and remove the resource data in EXE/DLL/RC/RES files.

You can edit Windows resources (Dialogs, Menus, Icons, Cursors, String Tables, Message Tables etc.) by using RisohEditor.

This software is multilingal (English, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese).



Supported Platforms

It works on Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8.1/10 and ReactOS.


Filename File Size Description
RisohEditor-5.8.3-installer.exe 3.18 MB (3,343,738 bytes) Program (with installer)
RisohEditor64-5.8.3-installer.exe 3.28 MB (3,449,807 bytes) Program (with installer)
RisohEditor-5.8.3-portable.zip 4.37 MB (4,590,448 bytes) Program (Portable version)

You can download from Softpedia. See also: A Guide to RisohEditor


v.0.6 (2017-08-31)
First release.
v.5.0.8 (2018-09-12)
Improve tool bar icons.
Fix the file types on extraction.
Write dagger to source file to help UTF-8 detection.
Fix the treeview icons.
Split the RT_DIALOG and RT_MENU resource templates in languages.
v.5.0.9 (2018-09-27)
Improve resource.h output.
Improve treeview file icon.
Improve importing.
v.5.1.0 (2018-10-08)
Improve "String Entry" dialogs (multiline).
Fix Ctrl+A behaviour.
Check file lock on saving a file.
Make resource IDs case sensitive.
Support encoding of resource items.
Fix the abnormal termination at "Languages" dialog.
v.5.1.1 (2018-11-08)
Accept space in the caption text box.
Accept space in the language text box.
v.5.1.2 (2018-12-08)
Accept space in the window class name text box.
Accept C string literal in the window class name text box.
Improve template system.
Enable manifest template.
Fix toolbar UI update.
Correctly display ID types of "List of Resource IDs".
Correctly sort the languages upon output.
v.5.1.3 (2019-01-01)
Fix "List of Resource IDs".
v.5.1.4 (2019-01-13)
Add English installer.
Add Italian installer.
Add Italian translation.
Add some language installer.
v.5.1.5 (2019-01-27)
Don't use WS_EX_MDICHILD extended style.
Support ReactOS.
v.5.1.6 (2019-02-24)
Improve Italian translation.
GUI adjustment.
Fix "Clone In New Language".
v.5.1.7 (2019-03-20)
Fix the process of compilation error.
v.5.1.8 (2019-05-14)
Add check of recompilation upon cloning.
Fix the selection after cloning.
Correctly fail upon compilation error of string table and message table.
v.5.1.9 (2019-07-14)
Supported UTF-16 source input/output.
v.5.2.0 (2019-07-26)
Correctly treat DIALOG STYLE values (WS_CAPTION is default value of DIALOG STYLE).
Fixed a bug that the application unexpectedly deletes the file when it opened a compressed EXE file without expanding.
v.5.2.1 (2019-08-04)
"English (United States)" will be selected if you entered "En" for language name.
Add "Query Constant" feature.
Fix "Collapse All".
RT_FONT support.
Improved "Add Resource" dialog.
v.5.2.2 (2019-08-14)
Update Italian translation.
Support XML, XSLT, SCHEMA and REGISTRY resource types.
Improved interpretation when language mismatch of RT_ICON/RT_CURSOR and RT_GROUP_ICON/RT_GROUP_CURSOR.
Improved interpretation when language mismatch of RT_DLGINIT and RT_DIALOG.
v.5.2.3 (2019-09-14)
v.5.2.4 (2019-09-15)
XP support.
v.5.2.5 (2019-09-19)
Fixed a WS_CHILDWINDOW bug in dialog style listbox.
Changed the release filename (RisohEditor-X.X.X.exe and RisohEditor-X.X.X.zip).
Made owner-drawn controls visible.
v.5.2.6 (2019-09-23)
Improve Languages dialog.
Add Russian translation.
Show error message if the installed location has space characters.
Add --use-temp-file option in invoking windres to fix the popen problem.
v.5.2.7 (2019-10-20)
Improved Languages dialog again.
Fix the positions of the dialog item marks.
v.5.2.8 (2020-01-30)
Able to display undefined controls.
Added "Use BEGIN/END" option.
Fixed a bug that DLL could not be saved as another name.
v.5.2.9 (2020-02-01)
XP support of 5.2.8 is forgotten. Now enabled.
Fixed processing of file saving.
Able to save EXE/DLL files without user-owned executable.
Fixed how to backup.
v.5.3.0 (2020-02-06)
Added ES_AUTOHSCROLL to some textboxes.
Fixed the logical error upon overwriting file.
v.5.3.1 (2020-02-23)
Fix and improve menu resource reading/displaying.
Improved IDC_STATIC handling.
Improved "List of Resource IDs" window.
v.5.3.2 (2020-03-02)
Able to save with Ctrl+S without querying the location.
Made the "Output RC files as UTF-16" option non-volatile.
Bring "List of Resource IDs" window to top.
v.5.3.3 (2020-03-03)
Reduced file size from 9MB to 3MB.
v.5.3.4 (2020-03-19)
Changed toolbar save button behavior.
Introduced automation by using programming language EGA.
Added confirmation of saving changes of file.
v.5.3.5 (2020-03-26)
Improve Italian translation.
Fix needless save confirmation.
v.5.3.6 (2020-04-15)
The infinite loop is avoided by changing the loop variables to 32-bits.
Delphi DFM data support.
Improved context menu.
v.5.3.7 (2020-04-28)
Updated file change flag when file drop.
Improved the filename when extracting.
Strengthened EGA.
Improved Russian translation.
v.5.3.8 (2020-05-22)
Added "Open EGA Manual" item to "Automation" menu.
Strictly controlled the file change flag.
v.5.3.9 (2020-06-01)
Added "replacing-dialog-fonts" feature.
Moved some menu items to "Edit" menu.
Added value-zero-check of resource name and resource type.
Added DS_CENTER style to the sample resource dialog.
Enabled F1, F3, F5 and F6 function keys.
Added Portable version.
Improved search feature.
v.5.4.0 (2020-06-13)
Fixed RT_ACCELERATOR output (unsigned 16-bit).
Removed "Store into res folder" option.
Fixed crash upon GUI edit.
Strengthened extraction feature.
Fixed replacing-dialog-font feature.
Used the full path for title bar.
Added drop-down language arrow.
Fixed "Query Constant" dialog.
Fixed "Encoding of Resource Item" dialog.
Improved "ID Association" dialog.
Improved "Predefined Macros" dialog.
Improved "Configuration" dialog.
Fixed "Search" dialog.
Improved status message.
Improved modified flag handling.
v.5.4.1 (2020-06-14)
Fixed the bug that the second overwrite save fails.
Fixed title bar text.
Fixed status bar message.
Added German translation.
Added French translation.
v.5.4.2 (2020-06-18)
Added tab control to choose "Code Editor" or "Hex Viewer".
Improved German and French translations.
Fixed language drop-down arrow.
Fixed Unicode encoding processing.
Improved exporting and extracting.
Improved EGA dialog.
v.5.4.3 (2020-07-03)
Improved extraction filename.
Sorted the treeview items upon change of resource name/language.
Improved icon/cursor extraction.
Improved newline codes of encoded text.
Fixed "Add Resource" dialog.
Made HTML/Manifest importable.
Added update check feature in "Help" menu.
Fixed title of message box.
Relaxed the character limit and supported large data.
Reset checksum to zero when saving file.
v.5.4.4 (2020-07-09)
Flushed file contents before using it.
Supported international Delphi DFM data.
Inserted "Delphi DFM Settings" menu item into "Edit" menu.
Correctly reset checksum to zero when saving file.
Fixed a bug in which a control is shifted by 1 pixel.
Added some waits upon file saving, for virus checker.
Added "A Guide to RisohEditor" link to "Help" menu.
v.5.4.5 (2020-08-03)
Added Indonesian translation.
Added auto complete for language combo boxes.
v.5.4.6 (2020-10-03)
Deleted cache in version check.
Fixed test dialog position.
Fixed a bug that RT_DLGINIT disappears without permission.
v.5.4.7 (2020-10-18)
Downgraded Inno Setup to 5.6.1 for XP support.
Initial support of ActiveX window class "AtlAxWin140" on test dialog.
v.5.4.8 (2020-11-12)
Added Finnish translation.
Added *.rc and *.res file association.
Initial support of OLE controls.
Deleted MOleCtrl and added MOleHost.
Supported REGINST data.
v.5.4.9 (2021-01-21)
Refresh ID List upon renaming treeview item.
v.5.5.0 (2021-01-26)
Add Korean translation.
v.5.5.1 (2021-02-02)
Upgraded windres to 2.36.
The menu items of BITMAP or OWNERDRAW can be compiled.
v.5.5.2 (2021-02-27)
Fixed Ctrl+A on textboxes of Win2k3.
Added tlb2idl programs to process TYPELIB resource type.
Supported TYPELIB preview.
Added Polish translation.
Disabled "Wrap the manifest statements" feature as default.
v.5.5.3 (2021-03-30)
Upgraded windres.exe to 2.36.1.
Used short pathname to spawn subprocesses of mcpp.exe and windres.exe.
v.5.5.4 (2021-04-13)
Fix importing Vista icons.
v.5.5.5 (2021-04-23)
Deleted tlb2idl programs.
Added OleBow program to process TYPELIB resource type.
Compiling TYPELIB if MIDL compiler is available.
v.5.5.6 (2021-04-29)
Made *.rc files importable.
Fixed TreeView languages arrow display.
v.5.5.7 (2021-06-12)
Added line numbers.
v.5.5.8 (2021-06-15)
Marks line upon happening error.
Fixed Ctrl+A.
Updated mcpp.exe and dfmsc.exe.
v.5.5.9 (2021-06-16)
Fixed loading resource.h macros.
v.5.6.0 (2021-06-19)
Don't compress dfmsc.exe (for security).
Supported command line.
Added RES_load and RES_save functions to EGA language.
v.5.6.1 (2021-07-01)
Fixed the return value of process.
Improved message table handling.
Don't change the case of name when renaming it in TreeView.
v.5.6.2 (2021-08-15)
Enlarged width of "Save Options" and "Export Options" dialogs.
Added workaround to add message tables on Microsoft compatible mode.
v.5.6.3 (2021-12-12)
Added win32-samples.
Added "UI Lanuage Select".
v.5.6.4 (2021-12-16)
Asking for compiling before opening GUI edit.
v.5.6.5 (2021-12-18)
Added "Copy to multiple languages" feature.
Fixed the bug of the RAD window (Critical).
v.5.6.6 (2021-12-25)
Double-clicking the RAD window opens the control/dialog properties.
Improved ANI cursor support.
v.5.6.7 (2022-01-13)
Added Portuguese translation.
WinXP support again (don't use GetThreadUILanguage() in XP).
v.5.6.8 (2022-01-17)
Changed the initial focus of IDD_CTRLPROP.
Fixed some version info.
v.5.6.9 (2022-03-09)
Splited the history text.
Renamed READMEs.
Added WS_CLIPCHILDREN for RAD window to reduce flickering.
v.5.7.0 (2022-03-18)
Fixed recompilation in management of resource IDs.
v.5.7.1 (2022-03-28)
Improved version info dialog.
Backed to a flickering method due to wrong control display.
Remembered main window focus.
v.5.7.2 (2022-06-07)
Supported TOOLBAR resources.
v.5.7.3 (2023-04-01)
Minor performance improvements.
Improved "Copy to multiple languages".
Made "~" the backup suffix rather than "-old".
Renamed "Replacing Dialog Fonts..." as "Dialog font substitutes..."
v.5.7.4 (2023-04-02)
Added version numbers to IDS_NOTICE.
Improved EGA console.
Fixed half-broken installer.
v.5.7.5 (2023-05-08)
Added Korean installer.
Fixed MENUEX separator.
v.5.7.6 (2023-06-02)
Localized the Help menu.
Added RES_str_get and RES_str_set functions to EGA.
v.5.7.7 (2023-06-05)
Changed the design of RES_str_get and RES_str_set.
Added RES_get_text and RES_set_text functions to EGA.
v.5.7.8 (2023-10-06)
Improved Portuguese (Brazilian) translation.
Relaxed font selection requirements.
Added Traditional Chinese translation.
v.5.7.9 (2023-11-14)
Added EGA sample DeleteNonEnglish.ega.
Fixed IDS_THEREISUPDATE translation.
v.5.8.0 (2024-03-03)
Coping with security scan when generating EXE files.
v.5.8.1 (2024-03-04)
Improved IDD_ADDCTRL and IDD_CTRLPROP dialogs.
v.5.8.2 (2024-07-20)
Added ES_AUTOHSCROLL style to some text boxes.
Fixed loading failure of Win2k3 ieframe.dll BITMAP 214.
Centering "Edit Dialog" window.
Supported exporting RES file.
v.5.8.3 (2024-07-24)
Auto filling resource name from filename.
Added resource language setting.
Fixed freeze on Enter key.
Supported x64.

License Agreement

RisohEditor is a free software that is released under GPLv3.

This software was created by using the MZC4 Class Library. There is RisohEditor's source at GitHub.

Contact Us

Bug reports, improvement suggestions, and internationalization are welcome.

You can send e-mail to katayama.hirofumi.mz@gmail.com .


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