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by katahiromz

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"RisohEditor" is a free resource editor for Win32 development, created by Katayama Hirofumi MZ. RisohEditor realized the ideal of resource editor. "Risoh" means "ideal" in Japanese.


RisohEditor can add, edit, extract, clone and remove the resource data in EXE/DLL files.

You can edit Windows resources (Dialogs, Menus, Icons, Cursors, String Tables, Message Tables etc.) by using RisohEditor.

This software is multilingal (English, Chinese, Italian and Japanese).

NOTICE: Please avoid installing in "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files (x86)". Because the resource compiler (windres) doesn't accept space character in the file path.



Supported Platforms

It works on Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8.1/10 and ReactOS.


Filename File Size Description
re-5.1.7-bin.zip 13.4 MB (14,125,268 bytes) Program (without installer)
risoheditor-5.1.7-setup.exe 9.66 MB (10,135,456 bytes) Program (with installer)

You can download from Softpedia.


2017.08.31 ver.0.6
First release.
2018.09.12 ver.5.0.8
Improve tool bar icons.
Fix the file types on extraction.
Write dagger to source file to help UTF-8 detection.
Fix the treeview icons.
Split the RT_DIALOG and RT_MENU resource templates in languages.
2018.09.27 ver.5.0.9
Improve resource.h output.
Improve treeview file icon.
Improve importing.
2018.10.08 ver.5.1.0
Improve "String Entry" dialogs (multiline).
Fix Ctrl+A behaviour.
Check file lock on saving a file.
Make resource IDs case sensitive.
Support encoding of resource items.
Fix the abnormal termination at "Languages" dialog.
2018.11.08 ver.5.1.1
Accept space in the caption text box.
Accept space in the language text box.
2018.12.08 ver.5.1.2
Accept space in the window class name text box.
Accept C string literal in the window class name text box.
Improve template system.
Enable manifest template.
Fix toolbar UI update.
Correctly display ID types of "List of Resource IDs".
Correctly sort the languages upon output.
2019.01.01 ver.5.1.3
Fix "List of Resource IDs".
2019.01.13 ver.5.1.4
Add English installer.
Add Italian installer.
Add Italian translation.
Add some language installer.
2019.01.27 ver.5.1.5
Don't use WS_EX_MDICHILD extended style.
Support ReactOS.
2019.02.24 ver.5.1.6
Improve Italian translation.
GUI adjustment.
Fix "Clone In New Language".
2019.03.20 ver.5.1.7
Add PBS_MARQUEE and PBS_SMOOTHREVERSE styles. Fix the process of compilation error.

License Agreement

RisohEditor is a freeware that was released under GPLv3.

This software was created by using the MZC4 Class Library. There is RisohEditor's source at GitHub.

Contact Us

Bug reports, improvement suggestions, and internationalization are welcome.

You can send e-mail to katayama.hirofumi.mz@gmail.com .


©Katayama Hirofumi MZ

Introduction | Features | Supported Platforms | Downloads | License Agreement | Contact Us

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