前回の8月より、2カ月経過した。ここまでのReactOS日本語入力の進行状況について解説する。私は、2カ月間、x86アセンブリコードと格闘して、ユーザー側の主要なIMM32 API関数を80個以上実装できた。これでIMM32開発の第一段階を終え、次の第二段階に到達したと言えるだろう。ただし、IMMモードと入力コンテキストを扱うカーネル側の実装がないため、日本語入力は、まだ機能しない。



Current status of Japanese input in ReactOS


It's been two months since my last report in August. Here is an explanation of the progress of ReactOS Japanese input so far. I have struggled with the x86 assembly code for two months, and have implemented more than 80 major IMM32 API functions on the user side. This completes the first stage of IMM32 development and brings us to the second stage. However, due to the lack of implementation on the kernel side to handle the IMM mode and input contexts, Japanese input is still not functional.

As a result of the first stage, we got a list of 15 essential functions in the kernel side for Japanese input. In the second stage, we have to implement these kernel-side functions. The kernel code is difficult to implement. We will continue to analyze the internals’ behavior and implement the code based on the conducted research.

NtUserAssociateInputContext, NtUserBuildHimcList, NtUserCreateInputContext, NtUserDestroyInputContext, NtUserDisableThreadIme, NtUserGetAppImeLevel, NtUserGetImeHotKey, NtUserGetImeInfoEx, NtUserGetThreadState, NtUserNotifyIMEStatus, NtUserQueryInputContext, NtUserQueryWindow, NtUserSetImeInfoEx, NtUserSetThreadLayoutHandles, NtUserUpdateInputContext



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