Typaste ver.1.0.2

by katahiromz

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What's This?

Typing + Paste == Typaste.


Typaste is a program that intercepts the pasting process by Ctrl+V while this window is displayed and emulates text input like typing. This allows you to break through the paste prohibition.

It works on Windows XP/Vista/7/10.


Filename File Size Description
typaste-1.0.2-x86.zip 71.6 KB (73,351 bytes) Program (without installer)


2019-08-07 ver.0.5.1
First release.
2019-08-14 ver.0.5.2
Add "Open ReadMe".
2023-11-14 ver.0.5.3
Added sounds. Added "Delay to start".
2024-04-25 ver.0.5.4
Added "Play" button. Added "Control IME On/Off".
2024-05-08 ver.1.0.0
Made "Control IME On/Off" default. Added spin controls.
2024-05-16 ver.1.0.1
Added manifest and version info. Supported Windows 2000.
2024-05-20 ver.1.0.2
The details were properly localized. Added "(None)" to the sound.

License Agreement

Typaste is a freeware that is released under MIT License.

Please do not use this software for illegal purposes.

Contact Us

Bug reports, improvement suggestions, and internationalization are welcome.

You can send e-mail to katayama.hirofumi.mz@gmail.com .


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