Karasunpo Free ver.1.0
Karasunpo Pro ver.1.2

by Katayama Hirofumi MZ

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"Karasunpo Free" and "Karasunpo Pro" are the softwares that can measure the length and/or angle on the image file.

* Try Karasunpo Online, which can be used from your browser without installation.

Supported Platforms

Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

You can use the Free version on Windows XP. Pro version doesn't support XP.


Filename File Size File Type Description
karasunpo-en-1.0-bin.zip 4.42 MB (4,643,031 bytes) ZIP Karasunpo Free ver.1.0
karasunpo-en-1.0-setup.msi 3.99 MB (4,190,208 bytes) MSI Karasunpo Free ver.1.0
karasunpo-pro-en-1.2-bin.zip 2.63 MB (2,767,240 bytes) ZIP Karasunpo Pro ver.1.2
karasunpo-pro-en-1.2-setup.msi 2.61 MB (2,740,224 bytes) MSI Karasunpo Pro ver.1.2

* This program assumes the horizontal scale and the vertical scale are same. Don't use for twisted images.

2015.09.20 ver.0.0 First release.
2015.09.22 ver.0.3 Supported PDF loading. Improved UI.
2015.09.22 ver.0.4 Oh my god! I have mistaken the file. I fixed.
2015.09.27 ver.0.5 Make segment color changeable. Default color is red.
2015.10.03 ver.0.6 Fixed copying unit. Add "Recent Files" feature. You can zoom in/out by +/- of keyboard. Add mouse pointer response. Page move is "Alt-Right" or "Alt-Left".
2019.06.18 ver.0.7 Improved installers. Circle pen style fixed. Vulnerability fixed.
2019.08.31 ver.0.8 Fix and improve installer and deployments.
2020.05.10 ver.0.9 Restored XP support. Improved English UI.
2020.05.14 ver.1.0 Migrated the installer to MSI. Improved English UI more.
2020.05.28 ver.1.1 Made the app a shareware (Pro version). Supported PDF with password. Updated PDFium.
2021.10.08 ver.1.2 Made the app a freeware again (Pro). Rotation, brightness, and contrast can now be adjusted.

License Agreement

Both "Karasunpo Free" and "Karasunpo Pro" is a freeware released under New BSD License.


Send me e-mail to katayama.hirofumi.mz@gmail.com .

©Katayama Hirofumi MZ

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